Berry Specialist

Sonny has over 17 years’ experience in the agricultural industry, working with producers on crop input and seasonal planning. During his time in the agricultural retail business, he spent time developing crop input plans tailored to the producer’s quality and yield goals.

Sonny provides advisory services in horticultural crops, including strawberries, blueberries and caneberries. Sonny’s experience includes nutrient management, soil fertility, weed management, crop rotation and soil conservation.

He obtained his Bachelor of Science in Agriculture degree from the former Nova Scotia Agricultural College, where he majored in Plant Science and minored in Pest Management. After graduating, Sonny started his career in canola production and weed research with the Nova Scotia Agricultural College. Sonny has received many industry awards in recognition of his service, including the 2014 Nova Scotia Agrologist of the Year.

Sonny joined Perennia in September 2017 to support the growth and development of the Field Crop Industry in the Maritimes. In 2020, Sonny took on the position of Small Fruit Specialist. His extension activities include responding to farm inquiries, hosting production workshops and tours, and publishing factsheets. Sonny serves on production, research and education-related committees.