Tissue Sampling - blog post by Rachael Cheverie, AgraPoint Horticulturalist

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Hi folks,

I trust the harvest is going well across the province and hopefully yields and markets are meeting your expectations!

It's time to think about tissue sampling - it is recommended that you take plant tissue samples every 2-4 years just before or at harvest time to determine if there are any nutrient imbalances that need correction. Samples should not represent more than 10 acres, more than one variety or come from plants growing on different soil types. Each sample should consist of 50-100 leaves collected from different bushes throughout the sampling area. Avoid sampling weak or unhealthy plants unless you are trying to determine a potential problem in the field, in which case you should take two samples, one from the healthy area of the stand and one from the weak area.

Please see the factsheet on our website for more information on tissue testing and normal ranges for the important nutrients.