Last mummy berry forecast for 2012!

Friday, May 11, 2012

The period for primary mummy berry infection is winding down in the Annapolis Valley. Conditions were suitable for infection late Wednesday evening (May 9th ) through to Thursday morning (May 10th) but there may not have been inoculum for infection at the cooperating site in Kings County. A precautionary protectant may have been useful prior to this wet period or growers have until Saturday evening (72 hrs from the beginning of the wet period) to apply Topas, Mission, or Funginex which will all provide 72 hr “back action” protection. I do not feel that additional sprays, beyond these, will be beneficial in the Annapolis Valley or the western end of the province. Fields to the east of the Annapolis Valley may have an extended infection period and growers will need to use their own judgement as to whether an additional spray will be beneficial.
If primary infection does occur in your blueberries, blight symptoms will develop 10-20 days from the time of infection. This could be any time now so monitor your orchard regularly over the next week or so for symptoms.