Strawberry E-Newsletter 2012-5 - August 17, 2012

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

1.       Spotted wing drosophila (SWD) monitoring update:

Spotted wing drosophila were detected for the first time (this year) in this week’s survey conducted by Deb Moreau. In total, 9 males and 2 females were captured in traps placed within raspberry and highbush blueberry crops and adjacent border vegetation. The majority (7 flies) were found in wild host plants on the edges of the crops being monitored.  

I cannot advise as to whether management is warranted at your operation as only site specific trapping can provide this information. To review trapping techniques and identification characteristics of this pest please review the following factsheets

Drosophila suzukii Male Character Summary
Guidelines for Monitoring Spotted Wing Drosophila in BC in Berries in 2011

2.       Management of spotted wing drosophila:

British Columbia has been managing SWD for several years and has a comprehensive factsheet on management of the pest in berry crops.

3.       Minor use registrations for spotted wing drosophila

Five emergency use products have been registered for management of SWD in berries in 2012. A review of these products can be found on the Perennia website.  Click Here!