Update on the Cranberry workshop and new product registrations!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Thanks to everyone who came out to the NS Cranberry Growers Workshop on Monday!  We had 24 producers attend from across Nova Scotia, PEI and NB.  

We really enjoyed Jacques Painchaud's presentation on Nutrient Managment and if there's one thing everyone should take home from the meeting... the top 3 things to consider when growing cranberries is:  Drainage, Drainage, Drainage!!! 

Seriously though, it was a great meeting with lots of important information and a chance for us to discuss issues together as an industry!   Thanks to Janice Lutz, secretary of the NS Cranberry Growers Association for getting the ball rolling and inviting Jacques and Graeme Jones from NB to present! 

I presented a brief update on new product registrations - I've already updated the blog with the new herbicide registration for Select/Centurion last fall... So here is the information on the latest product registration:  Quadris fungicide.  Please see the usage information on this product below,

Fruit rot (Physalospora vaccinii, Glomerella cingulata, and Coleophoma empetri)
Suppression of Cottonball rot (Monilinia oxycocci)
Product Rate L/ha
Application Timing
Begin applications at 5 -10% bloom
Apply as a broadcast foliar spray in sufficient water (minimum 100L/ha) for thorough coverage.
Alternate with other registered fungicides on a 7 to 10 day schedule. 
Do not make more than three (3) applications per year. 
Do not apply within thirty (30) day of harvest.
(1)   Do not apply more than 3.0 L/ha per crop per season.
(2)   Do not apply sequential treatments of QUADRIS Flowable Fungicide.
(3)  Follow all precautions, restrictions and directions on the labels of fungicide products used in an alternation program.