Mummy Berry Forecast – May 6th, 2013

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

I received a call today asking me why I hadn’t sent out a forecast in a while and plain and simple it is because there hasn’t been a need. Since my last forecast on April 25th there has been no rain and, as such, no infection periods for primary mummy berry infection. So in this case “no news is good news”!

However, we are in right in the middle of mummy berry infection season and if an infection period does occur, growers with a history of disease had better be protected or be prepared to apply a control with back-action immediately after the wet period. All varieties are currently at susceptible bud development stages and there is plenty of inoculum so all that is needed for infection is a sufficiently long wet period. Keep your eyes on the forecast and be prepared to act as suggested above if a significant rainfall is predicted.

I will be out of my office until Monday, the 13th and won’t be able to give my next forecast until then.