Cranberry Fruitworm IPM - Summer Meeting Details coming soon!!

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Hi folks,

I thought it was time to refresh everyone's memory on how to calculate % out of bloom to time your cranberry fruitworm sprays: 

Collect 10 uprights from at least 5 areas of the field and count the # pinheads, fruit, hooks and flowers.

   Total pinheads + fruit                                X 100     =   % Out of Bloom
total hooks, pinheads, flowers, and fruit

You should time your first cranberry fruitworm spray at the 'egg stage'.  Generally that means for Stevens - 3-5 days after 50% out of bloom,  Ben Lear - 5-7 days after 50% out of bloom, and for Howes or Early Blacks - 7-9 days after 50% out of bloom. 

Five days after the first treatment, randomly collect 50 fruit per acre  (or a minimum of 200 per bed for smaller acreages), and use a microscope to record the number of eggs.  On beds sized 1-5 acres, the threshold is 1 egg, on larger beds add 1 egg per every 2 acre increase, for example, the threshold on a 7 acre bed would be 2 eggs.   If egg numbers trigger a spray, spray immediately, if no eggs are found, continue to scout for eggs every 3-4 days until mid august. 

Please see our pesticide guide for registered products for fruitworm.  

Please keep your calendars open for Monday August 10th, 2015 for our summer grower meeting and get together!  Details will follow shortly!