Spotted Wing Drosophila #2

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Just a quick note to pass along.  Dr. Deb Moreau has detected the first SWD for the 2016 field season. Two adult females were found at two different sites in Kings County within the past week.  In both cases, SWD were captured in traps located in the hedgerow of highbush blueberry fields.

Insecticides are required to protect fruit from SWD as it begins to ripen and throughout the harvest period.  There are a limited number of products available for control of SWD, so please plan your management schedule carefully.  Check out Pam Fisher's What is your plan for Spotted Wing Drosophila control in 2016? for helpful hints.

Please follow this link to Registrations for Spotted Wing Drosophila.  Please note: this is a reference sheet and does not replace the labels. Continue to check the product labels for more specific instructions and uses.