Mummy Berry Forecast 2017 - #5

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

During the break in weather today I got out to check for the presence of mummy berry inoculum.  There are still apothecia cups shooting spores and thus, a risk for infection.  

Since the beginning of May we have had several infection periods depending on where in Nova Scotia you are located.

- Last Monday and Tuesday was a long infection period for most of the province. 
- Friday evening through early Sunday morning was an extended infection period for most areas as well. 
- Finally, this past Tuesday afternoon into Wednesday was also an infection period.

There looks to be a break in wet conditions this weekend, forecasting sunny conditions for Friday through to Sunday.

If fields have not be treated in the last 4-5 days and they are above the 40% F2 stage a treatment should be considered. Highbush Blueberry Management Schedule.  

Most fields being monitored in Kings County, Nova Scotia are at or above the 40% F2 stage and if mummy berries are in the field, they will be actively sporulating.