Pest Update - Potato Leafhopper

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Potato leafhopper was first found in the Annapolis Valley in early July by Erika Bent (APM Agricultural Pest Monitoring Consulting Ltd.).  Both adults and nymphs are being found throughout Kings and Annapolis Counties on strawberry plants and tree fruits.  This insect does not over winter here, but arrives on wind currents.  Potato leafhopper feed on the leaves which results in a yellowing and crinkled appearance (see image below from Ontario CropIPM).  In addition, potato leafhopper is able to transmit aster yellows and green petal.

For additional information on identification and management of potato leafhopper in strawberries check out Ontario CropIPM - Potato Leafhopper and Perennia's Strawberry Management Schedule.

Note - We haven't found it on raspberries yet, but can also be a problem.