May 20th, 2021: In the Strawberry Field video

Friday, May 21, 2021

 This week’s episode of “In the Strawberry Field” includes:

Update on strawberry crop staging

Pests to look out for this week
            Cyclamen Mite
            Tarnished Plant Bug
            Strawberry Clipper Weevil

You can follow the video link here:

If you missed last week’s episode please find it here:

Kentville's Weather Summary:

Table 1 (above): Degree day accumulations as of May 17, 2021 Compared to the 10 year average.

Table 2 (below): Degree day accumulations as of May 10, 2021.  All data is taken from the Kentville weather station, based on a start date of March 1, and calculated using the single sine method.