In the berry Field: June Bearing Renovation Time July 19th, 2022

Wednesday, July 20, 2022

  In this issue of In the Berry Field Sonny Murray talks Strawberry Renovation.  

The full video can be viewed by CLICKING HERE

I have heard about this berry a couple times now, and thought you may be interested:  


These New Jersey farmers grow strawberries that

sell out for $20 a box: The taste is 

‘a completely different experience’

to view the full article/video please CLICK HERE:

Quickly Search through Pesticide Labels on your



In an earlier Blog we discussed how the quickly search through a pesticide label on your computer using the ctrl+f hot keys and using key words like Strawberry, re-entry , do not mix or rain fast.    I often found myself in the field looking up labels on my iPhone, wishing that I could quickly search the label to find the information I needed.    My eyesight is not getting any better so reading labels on an iPhone isn’t very efficient.  So there is a way to quickly search for the details you are looking for.

First open the product label you are interested in using safari.  Then they have hidden the search function under the forward key as pictured below:




Then press on the forward icon:







And scroll down:




Then you can enter the key word you are interested in, and the function will take you to those words in the label saving you a lot of time reading small text: