Berry Protection Guides and Videos from last week's 2024 Berry Primer Webinar

Monday, March 25, 2024


Introducing Perennia’s Online

          Pest Management Guides         

   April 10th at 12:00

Perennia has created an online pest guide to streamline your pesticide selection process and help you access information more easily. Join us on April 10th as we show you how to maximize its usefulness to your farm. Some of our 2024 updates include: 

  • A mobile friendly format so you can access it in the field 
  • Filters and searches to quickly find answers to your questions 
  • Sort functions to target categories of interest (REI, PHI, etc) 
  • Faster update times and more resources to help you 

 Join us in April to learn how we can help you optimize your pest control options through this new tool.

To sign up for a demonstration of this game changing tool please follow the link: 

Click Here 

Video's from the 2024 Berry Primer

Last week, we had a great lineup of speakers at the 2024 Berry Primer Webinar.   I will be sending out the recordings in the blog over the next few weeks as I can get them edited. 

Check out what you may have missed or view it again if you were not taking notes quickly enough!

Nematode Survey Results and Management with Perennia’s Matt Peill:  Click Here  

Silica and it's importance in Plant Health and Yield with University of Toledo's Wendy Zellner:   Click Here