In the Berry Field: April 26th, 2024

Saturday, April 27, 2024

In this week's edition of In the Berry Field; Sonny Murray gives a crop update for the major berry crops.  To view the video Click Here


Perennia's Online Pest Management Guides : this is BIG NEWS!

Perennia has created an online pest guide to streamline your pesticide selection process and helps you access information more easily.  In this virtual session, Michelle Cortens walks you through the new tool and shows you how to maximize its usefulness to your farm.

To view the video click here.

To go directly to the tool click here or google search for perennia online pest guide.

Tank Mixing Made Easy:

As we move towards peak spraying season, growers should be reminded that many tank-mix compatibility problems can be avoided by adhering to the proper tank mix order.  To help you remember the order the WALES method has been put together.   Inorder to access the chemical compatibility, prior to mixing any complex mixes, it is recommended to perform a small-scale test known as a jar test.  It is also advised as a reminder that the sprayer should be thoroughly cleaned out so that residues from previous applications do not interfere with the mixability and application. 

By following the Wales method below growers can generally, mix products in the tank without incident.     Many of the commonly used berry pesticides and their formulations can be found in the table at the bottom of this article.


- fill the tank about ½ full with WATER and start the agitation

- add WATER CONDITIONERS at this time, if needed, for hard water or pH adjustment

- add WATER SOLUBLE BAGS (WSB) to the clean water in the tank.  Allow the bags to completely dissolve before adding any other products.






These products may have to be pre dissolved or slowly added to the tank so that they will be dissolved before beginning sucked into the sump, collecting in the filters and plugging the sprayer. Be sure dry products are thoroughly dissolved prior to adding other products. 


                -continue AGITATION and allow the dry products to mix entirely to ensure uniform dispersion.



                -add LIQUIDS (L)

                -add FLOWABLE liquids(F)






                -Add SOLUTIONS (S) or SOLUBLE LIQUIDS (SL)

                - Add SURFACTANTS and ADJUVANTS

                -Finish by completely filling the spray tank with water and continue to agitate until the spray application is complete. 

                - again, test and adjust water pH if needed before heading to the field


If boron fertilizers are required in the spray mixture make sure that water soluble bags are completely dissolved before adding the boron fertilizer to the tank. 

For products that quickly degrade at high pH’s be sure to measure the pH of the tank solution before and after mixing is complete as multiple pesticide and fertilizer products can change the overall solution pH. 

There are new rules beginning December 20, 2024, outlining what will be allowable for tank mixes which will be stated on each of the product labels.  To find out more about these new regulations please follow this link.  CLICK HERE.   Or for a plain language article on the subject please follow this link: CLICK HERE. 


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