Welcome to the NS Cranberry Blog!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Welcome to the inaugural blog for NS Cranberry information! As most of you know I am currently on maternity leave until March 2012 but I will try to keep adding updates to the blog on a weekly – biweekly basis! If anyone has any information they would like to share with the group, either email me directly or post it as a comment in the space provided below. My hope is that this blog can become a forum for growers across the province to exchange information on growth stage and pest information and anything else you feel is relevant for your fellow growers to know!

A long cool, wet spring has everything behind by at least a couple of weeks across the province but now that the warmer weather has arrived, I expect things will be taking off quickly! Sweep net sampling for black-headed fireworm and spanworms should be well underway, as it is easiest to detect and control caterpillar pests at the early instar larval stage. Sweeps should be made with a 12” net and each sweep sample consists of 25 – 180o sweeps into the vine. It is imperative to get adequate coverage across the bog and you need at least one sweep set sample per acre.
If you are looking for a refresher on Cranberry IPM and sampling please note that the NB Cranberry growers are hosting a conference on IPM and indigenous pollinators in the Bouctouche/Richibucto area on June 10-12, 2011. Rooms can be reserved at the Bouctouche Inn at 1-506-743-5003 ($85 a night with continental breakfast if you tell them it's for the cranberry conference). To register for the conference please contact Daniel Arsenault (Cranberries NB) at 1-506-523-8700. (and he reminds everyone to please bring your own sweep net!!)

You should have received your 2011 Pesticide Chart Books from the U Mass Cranberry Station if you are on their mailing list. If not, please click on the link to find an online version! Please note that this is a US publication so not all of the products are registered and available in Canada. For the most recent list of Canadian pest management products please check out the 2011 Cranberry Pest Management Guide on our AgraPoint Website.