Don't put those sprayers away yet! Still in the thick of the mummy berry infection season!

Thursday, May 12, 2016

The primary mummy berry infection season is typically about four weeks long in Nova Scotia and we are just entering the third week  with plenty of mature sporulating apothecia cups present and buds at the ideal stage for infection in most varieties.  Although it has been dry this week with weather conditions unsuitable for infection, an extended wet period is forecast for Kings County Saturday (the 14th) through to Monday (the 16th).  Most of our controls provide 7-10 days protection and if you are not protected for this period you would be well advised to apply a control before Saturday.

Apothecia cups in their natural environment today.

Apothecia cup under the microscope today.

The Management of Mummy Berry Disease in Highbush Blueberry fact sheet has been updated and includes some new pictures of the symptoms.  You will find this document on the fruit page of the Perennia website.

Remember that this forecast is based on data collected from Tim Strong’s orchard on Brooklyn Street in Kings County and may not be applicable to your location. It is a guide only.