Latest Mummy Berry Blight Alert

Friday, May 6, 2016

Two wet periods in the last 36 hrs have both been suitable for mummy berry blight infection!The details of these wet periods at the weather station in Kings County are as follows:
First event:         00:30 hrs May 5th to 13:30 hrs May 5th (13 hrs)

Second event:   19:45 hrs May 5th to 08:00 hrs May 6th and still running (>12.25 hrs)
If you have applied a suitable fungicide within the past 7-10 days you are likely protected. If not, you have within 72 hrs of the beginning of the wet period to apply a control with back-action capability to control any infections during these wet periods. This would mean that you have till 00:30 hrs Sunday May 8thto apply one of these controls.
Registered fungicides with back-action control of mummy berry blight infections include Topas, Mission, and Funginex, although the latter cannot be applied if berries are to be exported to the US. Other newly registered fungicides such as Quash and Indar may have back-action control but have not been tested for this activity so it would be advisable to use Topas, Mission, or Funginex (if you are not exporting).  Refer to Perennia’s Highbush Blueberry Management Schedule at product formulations and read product labels carefully for product rates and application details.
Finally, remember that this forecast is based on data collected from Tim Strong’s orchard on Brooklyn Street in Kings County and may not be applicable to your location. It is a guide only.