Mummy Berry 2018 Post #3

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

It looks as though this week may be our 1stmonilinia blight infection period!

From Sunday through to this morning we saw about 24 hours of leaf wetness at an average temperature of 9 degrees C (requirement #1).  Based on our observations in Annapolis Valley plantings, bud stage is now at or very near (depending on variety) the ideal stage for infection with 5 mm of green tissue exposed in vegetative buds and bud scales separating in flower buds (F2 stage) (requirement #2).  With a history of monilinia blight the 3rdrequirement for infection is met, resulting in an infection period. 

Image from May 1, 2018 
Spore cups from May 1, 2018


If your plants are at the appropriate bud stage for infection and you have a history of monilinia blight tomorrow may be your spray window between rain events.  Given the weather conditions over the past few days, consider using a product with back action at this time to make sure you are covered from potential infection the last few days and for the upcoming event at the end of this week.