Mummy Berry 2018 Post #5

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

The weather this past weekend resulted in a series of infection periods, with the last being Sunday evening into Monday morning.  We are currently in a stretch of warm dry weather, which if they are not there already, will likely push many sites beyond 40-50% of F2 - bud scales separating in flower buds.  With bud development moving along quickly, all growers should be looking at variety blocks/fields for fruit bud development.

The forecast for Thursday through the weekend looks like another series of wet period, which you should be prepared for and possibly make a decision for treatment based on the development stage of a variety block/field.

The next update will be at the end of the week.

For more information on management of mummy berry in highbush blueberries please refer to Perennia's Highbush Blueberry Insect & Disease Management Schedule 2017 and Management of Mummy Berry Disease in Highbush Blueberry.