Wednesday, March 17, 2021

 Substrate to the Rescue! 


The selection of suitable land has always been a key ingredient to starting a successful farm. Soil health is the root of it all, and significantly impacts your crop success from year to year. Imagine, however, that the quality of the soil is no longer a determining factor as to whether you can produce in a certain space or not. 


Substrate growing is taking crop production by storm, and for good reason! Starting each season on a blank slate, being able to choose your growing media based on water holding capacity, pH, and air porosity, and not having to worry about lingering soil-borne disease are all good reasons to consider switching to a soilless media. There is no more stress about crop rotation, counter-acting nutrient buildups, and high disease pressure.  


Protected crop specialist Talia Plaskett, and Dennis Wilson from Delphy UK, will be running two  webinars that focus on crop production in substrate. For the first session, the focus will be on examining the differences between the substrates that are available on the market. By understanding the ideal moisture content for a healthy root system, and what is required of each growing media to maintain it, you will be better equipped to start planning your next substrate-based crop.  


Even if you feel as if you have a good grasp on your substrate situation, this will be a great opportunity to ask Dennis some questions about your specific setup 


To register for this free webinar, click the following link: